Homeopathy for Children

by Ildiko Ran, CCH

Homeopathy is a wonderfully safe and non-toxic therapy. That is why it is suitable for all ages: infants, children, pregnant women and the elderly.

Homeopathy is a holistic system of medicine. Pediatricians all around the world use the gentle yet effective homeopathic remedies to assist their patients in their recovery from illness and in their general well being. Homeopathy can be especially useful in recurrent, chronic conditions where conventional medicine offers only temporary relief. Homeopathic remedies can provide your child with long lasting cure without compromising the immune system. In fact homeopathic treatment enhances the effectiveness of the immune system and brings long-term resistance to infections.

For first aid and acute care you can use homeopathy on your own using over-the-counter homeopathic remedies. For chronic problems you should consult a professional homeopath. The homeopath will consider and address all your child’s health problems within the treatment. Let’s say your child has recurrent ear infections, wakes up frequently at night and refuses to eat anything but sweets. At your first meeting the homeopath will lead you through a thorough interview and at the same time will observe your child. Children like homeopathic visits because they get to play with toys, draw pictures and are asked about their favorite foods and activities. After the first visit the homeopath will suggest a remedy for your child. Within days to a few weeks you can expect several improvements in your child’s health. Using the above example you will see that subsequent ear infection will be much milder than the ones before. Antibiotics are often not needed for these mild attacks and soon the episodes will subside completely. Along with improvement in the ears there will be improvement in the sleep pattern and in appetite. The child will become more balanced and resistant to acute illness. At the beginning of treatment visits are scheduled four weeks apart. Later on a loose contact with your homeopath can ensure your child’s ongoing health.

Homeopathy can change the way you see health and disease. Healing is a process that you can participate in. Mothers are especially attuned to their children’s health and ills. You can take this one step further and assist your homeopath in finding the right treatment for your child. Homeopathic treatment addresses unique traits in a person. In this lies the effectiveness of homeopathy: unique remedies for unique people. If you help your children be healthy from the beginning they have a great chance to avoid unnecessary medications and have a head start for a healthy, wholesome life.

To learn more about homeopathy and about my practice please visit my website at www.ourhealingplace.com. I practice classical homeopathy in Arlington, MA. I work with children and adults. I also teach classes on self-care homeopathy. For schedule, check out the calendar section on my website.

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