Letter to the Explorer of Homeopathy

By Ildiko Ran

Dear Explorer,

There is nothing more heart-warming to the homeopathic profession than hearing about more and more people trying homeopathic remedies for the first time in their life. There is one caution I would like to make: It happens much too often that someone giving a try to homeopathy for their fatigue, headache, constipation, dizziness, etc. – you name it, walks into a health food store and asks the person in charge of the nutrition department to help to pick a homeopathic remedy for the ailment. The personnel opens up a magic book and points to two remedies: ‘Take this one, if it does not help, take the other’.

There are three ways to go about helping yourself with homeopathy. The above one is the worst from all your three options. If you still choose to pick a remedy the above way, make sure you go to a pharmacy or store specializing in homeopathy or ask the personnel, if they had read any books on homeopathy or had taken any courses. If the answer is no, I would not suggest to rely on their recommendations.

Another way is turning to a homeopath – in this case most homeopaths will want you to be a regular patient, but different homeopaths have different policies, so check them out.

Your third option is to learn how to use homeopathic self-help books. There are many of these books on the market and they are easy to use. In most of them you will find two or three remedy choices for a simple problem, and about ten different ones for a more complicated one, like flue, headaches, coughs, etc.

Once you know how to use the book, it shouldn’t take more than ten minutes to decide which remedy you need. Then you can walk into your health food store or pharmacy and pick your remedy with confidence. Using these books and picking your own remedy is not just easy but also very empowering. I remember one of my first experiments with homeopathy was a night when a stomach flu swept through my family. Waking up for the sounds of sick children and feeling myself quite wiped out, I grabbed my book and browsed through it sitting on the bathroom floor. A dose of Arsenicum album 30c made me strong enough in ten minutes to care for my children. After giving them the same remedy soon everybody was fast asleep and the next day we all woke up healthy.

A lovely classic among the self-help books is Dr. Panos’s Homeopathic Medicine at Home. Since there are many of these self-help books today, I would encourage you to look for one that you feel easy to work with – after all sometimes you might need it in challenging situations.

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