Barbara Albenesius, LMT, B.A.

Licensed Massage Therapist & Energy Healer
259 Massachusetts Ave.
Arlington, MA 02474
Email address is on her website:

Professional Credentials

Barbara is currently Licensed by the Commonwealth of Massachusetts, through the Massachusetts Board of Registration of Massage Therapy (valid through 6/28/12). She graduated from the Massage Institute of New England in 1990, and is a member of Associated Bodywork Massage Professionals. She brings a compassionate, authentic presence to her work. Barbara’s extensive training includes: Ayurvedic Massage, Tui Na massage and several Energy Healing Modalities.

3rd Party Reimbursement

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Professional Services

Massage Therapy Services

Massage Therapy Services offered include: Swedish Massage, Esalen, Deep Tissue.

  • Treatment Session options include:
  • Swedish Massage
  • Swedish Massage combined with other massage techniques/ Energy Work

An Energy Healing Session: drawing from several modalities—Reiki , healing pendulums, sound healing etc (appropriate in acute situations/trauma)

Energy Healing

A main focus of my work is Energy Healing- working with the etheric level—a few inches off the body. Energy Medicine seeks to heal our physical body by balancing our energetic systems—chakras, meridians etc. An Energy Healing method that is safe and effective utilizes Egyptian Pendulums that heal thru their geometrical shape. They are extremely effective in many situations: balancing emotions, acute conditions, decreasing pain, clearing chakras etc.

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