Rachel Marta Greenberg, MS

Embrace Your Space! Put Clutter in its Proper Place!
Feng Shui Consultant & Teacher
Home & Office Organizing & Clutter Solutions
PO Box 400004
Cambridge MA 02140-0001
Email: RachelMarta@aol.com

Professional Credentials

Rachel received her Master’s Degree in Counselor Education from Suffolk University, Boston, MA 1977.

Rachel became trained in Feng Shui (the ancient Chinese art of Placement) to assist her clients in removing blocks that have psychological as well as physical consequences in their lives. In the year 2000, Rachel began teaching classes in Feng Shui in various forums – at Lexington Community Education, Bedford Adult Education, Lynnfield Community Schools and Middlesex Community College. Rachel has had speaking engagements at La Leche League, The Inner Wheel of Lexington, Mothers & More, etc.

Rachel also teaches Feng Shui Home Workshops – the hostess invites a number of friends for 2 or 3 hours to learn Feng Shui tips for their homes, and the hostess receives a Feng Shui home consultation as part of the workshop.

An article about Rachel’s Feng Shui practice “Embrace Your Space” appeared in The Improper Bostonian, Page 44, July 24 – August 6,2002. Article written by Mopsy Strange Kennedy. Ghioldi & Lane interviewed Rachel regarding her Feng Shui practice on September 16,2001 on Radio Station WBNW 1120AM.

Rachel became interested in adding Home and Office Organizing as a separate practice when her clients and students felt the need to clear clutter before doing any other form of Feng Shui to bring harmony to their lives.

Rachel is a member of the Arlington Helping Professionals Alliance.

Professional Services

Feng Shui

1 ½ Hour Home or Office Consultation $99

  • to improve the flow of Ch’i through each room that in turn nurtures all areas of your life: health, wealth, relationships, career, spiritual growth, creativity, etc.
  • rearrange furniture, choose colors, and add inexpensive cures to improve the flow of Ch’i
  • create affirmations and set intentions in the areas of your life you want to change

2 Hour Home Workshop $200
3 Hour Home Workshop $300

  • learn about Feng Shui with a group of friends
  • receive handouts
  • host gets free home consultation

Home & Office Clutter Solutions

4 Hours of Hands-on Organizing $99

Spring Cleaning Clutter Solutions – How Can I Help?

Do you have Spring Cleaning Fervor? What can I do to help?

Are You Ready To Clean Those Closets, But Do Not Have The Strength to Handle Them Alone?

I can give you hands-on help. One full size closet can take up to two hours to sort through, let go and reorganize the items that are staying.

Are You Ready To Put Those Papers In Order But Haven’t Got A Clue As To How To Organize Them?

I can hear your screams of frustration from here! I can give you hands-on help and solutions.

Have You Been Thinking About A Project You Want To Tackle But All It Does Is Nag At You And Never Gets Done?

I can give you hands-on help, I can inspire you and I can offer suggestions on how to get this project completed and off your mind.

Are You Getting Ready To Move?

I can give you hands-on help with PACKING, creating a labeling system documenting inventory including what room, closet, or drawer they will go to in their new home. Good labeling saves a lot of time and lets you be in charge. I can be there with hands-on help when you UNPACK to make sure each item is placed where it is most convenient for the person who uses it.

Do You Forget To Pay Your Bills Because You Do Not Have A System That Reminds You?

I can help you set up a bill payment system to pay bills on time, and keep bills, receipts, stamps, letter opener, and checkbook in a convenient location.

Do You Have A Hard Time Letting Go Of Items You No Longer Need?

Receive gentle encouragement to let go of items that are cluttering up your life. Ask me about my “Treasured Memories Book“; a way to let go of the item but remember it, and how and from whom you received it.