Sophie Glikson, MA, LMHC, CET

Psychotherapy and Creative Medicine
142 Walsh Street
Medford MA 02155-1245

Professional Credentials

I am licensed as Mental Health Counselor and Certified as an Expressive Art Therapist. My education includes Masters in Clinical Psychology from Paris VII, France and in Expressive Art Therapies from Lesley University, Cambridge, MA.

3rd Party Reimbursement

Yes, ask Sophie for details.

Professional Services

I am a psychotherapist/expressive art therapist in private practice in Medford, MA since 1989. I work with adults and children integrating the arts healing power with traditional verbal psychotherapy. I am adjunct faculty in the Graduate School of Arts and Social Sciences at Lesley University, where I have been teaching in the Expressive Therapies program since 1994. I also provide consulting and supervision to early childhood programs and shelters for mothers and children.

I emphasize a strength-based approach throughout my work. Prior to being in private practice I was the assistant director for the Gilday Center, a therapeutic program serving families and young children at risk in Roxbury.

Unique Qualities

I describe my work as providing a holding and exploratory space for the person to befriend their feelings, align with their life/creative force, and make mindful choices for themselves and the universe. Creative medicine is a holistic approach rooted in the arts and imagination. It addresses the whole aspect of a person (auditory, visual, kinesthetic, spiritual) through sounds, images, movements, enactments and metaphorical language. All the arts modalities can be mobilized to motivate exploration, facilitate change, and foster health.

Professional Passion

I believe art is a powerful language, often described as the language of the soul. My passion is to provide a space for art making and soul making in the service of health, integrity, and inner peace.